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Find out anything about Motokiki

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It’s Simple! We understand buying tyres isn’t an easy process so let us do the hard work for you.

Simply enter your registration and based on your preferences (Your location, price, brand type etc.) we will display all options to you alongside relevant fitters/garages.

Once you have seen all your tyre prices on the market you then select the retailer and or garage/fitter. At that point, we will put you through to a booking page on your chosen retailer/fitter to complete your booking with them.

All prices displayed from our partners include VAT.

We're only human!

If you've made a mistake, please refer to your booking confirmation email that was sent to you by the retailer/fitter.

Details on how to contact them should be displayed there. You will need to get in touch with them directly to try and rectify the issue.

You can use the search by tyre size functionality on the homepage to see whether you're specific size is available near you.

Using the drop-down selection you will be able to filter down to see what is available from our partners stock.

Each supplier/retailer have varied policies regarding cancellations and refunds. You will need to contact your selected provider to find out their policy and procedure.

If you need to change your allocated fitting time with your selected retailer, please contact them directly.

Contact details should be found on the email to confirm your booking/purchase.

Every driver should check their tyre tread depth regularly to make sure they do not go below the legal requirement of no less than 1.6mm. It is illegal to drive if your tread depth is less than 1.6mm and you could receive a fine along with penalty points.

Checking tread depth is quick and easy. Many people use a 20p coin as the rim of it measures 1.6mm. If you place the coin inside the tread groove and if the tyre covers the coins outer rim, your tread is ok. If it doesn’t you may be under the legal tread limit and the tyres will need replacing with a matter of urgency.

You can invest in a tyre depth gauge for a more accurate reading.

Keep in mind that you should also replace your tyres for all the below factors

  • Baldness or patches on the tyres
  • If any internal construction is visible
  • If bulges are visible from the sidewall
  • If you notice any cracks, splits or perished rubber then they will need to be replaced
  • Any difference in size to the tyre on the opposite side.

Sometimes you will notice that the tyres listed in your search results look very similar but are different in price. The cause is normally due to a subtle difference between the tyres such as specification or tyre labelling information.

This mainly occurs when manufacturers bring out a new model that may have a different price based on its specification so it needs to be displayed separately from the previous version.

Please check your spam/junk folders. Sometimes confirmation emails can be filtered into there by mistake.

If you still cannot locate the email – please contact the supplier/retailer to get another one sent out to you.

In order to get your tyres fitted quicker, please contact your chosen garage/retailer directly to check their availability.
The tyres available on our website are all new and are under manufacturer’s warranty.

When you search for tyres you will be given the option to view all tyres available for your wheel size or only manufacturer approved. You can also use the filter at the top of the results page to filter all results.

We recommend that you always check your warranty policy to understand the implications of fitting non-manufacturer approved tyres on your vehicle.

Some of the garages presented will sometimes appear with a different name to that you are used to.

Don't worry. This is due to the garage working with bigger brands to provide a discount on the tyres that you may not get if you went direct. The service and location is still exactly the same.

We know that some drivers need tyres immediately. Upon entering your postcode/location you'll be presented with your closest fitting centres.

Whether you're at home, work or on the road – We will find the closest fitting centre for you.

You can contact us using the form on our contact us page or to send correspondence please use Motokiki, 60 Portman Road, Reading, RG30 1EA

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We are sorry you are not satisfied. It is never our intention to provide anything less than a first class service.

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