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Do I need fuel-efficient tyres?

If you want to get the most out of every litre of petrol or diesel or the most from your electric car’s battery, fuel-efficient tyres are the ones to choose. Often called low rolling resistance tyres, all new tyres come with a label rating their fuel efficiency from A to G – with A as the most efficient.

During the life of a set of fuel-efficient tyres, they can save up to 9% on fuel bills and that could be as much as nine full tanks of fuel for a family hatchback.

What are fuel-efficient tyres?

All new tyres come with a label that tells you how efficient they are, rated from A to G. An A-rating is the best and the one to look for when choosing fuel-efficient tyres as they have the lowest rolling resistance. Tyres account for up to 30% of a car’s fuel consumption, so fitting the most efficient tyre can have a dramatic impact on running costs.

How do fuel-efficient tyres work?

Fuel-efficient tyres work by reducing rolling resistance, which means the car uses less energy to drive forward. These tyres are made from a compound that offers good grip for braking, steering and cornering but also minimises drag as it rolls along.

Low rolling resistance is achieved by the tread pattern, weight and construction of the tyre, and the shape of the tyre that reduces aerodynamic drag. It’s also very important to keep fuel-efficient tyres accurately inflated so they work to their best all of the time.

Choosing the right fuel-efficient tyre

Almost every tyre manufacturer now offers a fuel-efficient tyre option, so you should be able to find one that fits your car. With savings of up to 9% on fuel bills, this is a great way to reduce your car’s running costs.

Make sure a fuel-efficient tyre is the correct size and speed rating for your car. Look for tyres with an A-rating for fuel economy on the label.

We find the right tyres at the best prices

We compare the prices of hundreds of tyre makes, including these top brands:

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  • Goodyear