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Tyre Safety

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Tyre Safety

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Tyre Safety Explained

We want you to be clued up on all things regarding car tyre safety. Not only will it help you stay safe on the road, but it could help you save money.
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Tyre Safety

Not spotting obvious signs of wear and tear can cause punctures, blowouts and reduce a tyres lifespan significantly. Tyres are rarely added to our Christmas wish list and we appreciate it’s a purchase most don’t want to make, but they play such a key part in keeping us safe. It’s like paying the dentist a visit… we don’t want to go but it must be done!

Tyre safety is not only important for yourself and other drivers but if you miss some obvious signs of deterioration it can cost you further in the long run.  Most people don’t know you could get fined up to £2500 and receive 3 penalty points, per illegal tyre on your car. Make sure to keep an eye on them.

If you do have worn tyres, or have something wrong with them - this alone could make your car fail it’s MOT. Some drivers end up forking out more at the MOT stage when the tyres need replacing as they are illegal. It’s the last thing we need when paying out for an MOT so be smarter and rock up to your MOT with confidence that your tyres are in good nick.

We have put together a comprehensive guide which will help you with everything concerning tyre safety. Incliding tips on how you can keep your tyres healthy and make sure your tyres get a good lifespan.

Tyre Tread Checks

Your tyre tread should be checked at least once a month and/or before every long journey. Checking your tread regularly will help your tyres stay legal. The legal limit in the UK is 1.6mm. Most people change their tyres at 3mm to be on the safe side.

It’s quite easy and by the use of a 20p coin - you can check the tread depth.

Tyre Pressure

Let’s be honest, most of us would admit we don’t know what air pressure level we need in our tyres.

When was the last time you even checked?

Having the correct levels of air pressure will help tyres live longer. Having the wrong tyre air pressure level will reduce the lifespan of your tyres.

If you have no idea what your pressure should be you can check your air pressure by using the TyreSafe calculator .

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

All new cars are fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) – This is a key indicator that will alert you when there’s a sudden pressure change in your tyres. Do not ignore this warning as there may be a problem with one or more of your tyres.


If the puncture is minor and has occurred in the centre of the tyre you may be able to get it fixed. However in most cases a new tyre replacement is needed.

A Guide to the EU tyre label

Choosing the right tyre for you is also important. Every tyre comes with an ‘ EU tyre label ’ - It’s a handy guide that indicates how well the tyre performs on certain factors. They will be rated like school grades. e.g. A being the best E being the least.

Fuel Efficiency

Getting a tyre that has a high grade in fuel efficiency can help your purse at the pump as you will be getting more for your buck. Saving £30 on cheap tyres may end up costing you £100 more a year in fuel. It’s handy to have a look at the grades to make sure you get the right tyre for you.

Wet Grip

If you live in a wet climate, the higher the grade for the wet performance means the tyres will help the car grip the road more efficiently if you live in challenging or wet areas. More factors are displayed on a label which should be shown to us every time we go to buy a tyre.

Noise Efficiency

This will impact the external noise coming from your car. The black markings will indicate the level of eternal noise generated by the tyre .

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are not legally required in the UK but some drivers prefer to change their tyres when the seasons change. Standard tyres that we buy are called ‘All season tyres’. They can perform in any season and don't need changing throughout the year. They will be significant enough for the all-weather, however, if you live in a climate where you can have a harsh winter you may want to consider getting some winter tyres.

Storing tyres

If you’re planning on having various tyres for different seasons – It’s important you’re aware how you store your tyres . Check out our useful guide should you need to store tyres and avoid them.

Weather and temperature

Believe it or not but changes in weather and temperature can also affect your tyre pressure .

With the UK’s weather being so unpredictable – We should all carry out monthly pressure checks.

Part Worn/Second hand tyres

Some drivers choose to buy Part worn/second hand tyres . We strongly advise you do not to do this. It may seem the cheapest option, but it could seriously jeopardise your safety. Would you put second hand brakes on your car? Of course not.

It’s a false economy – a perfect case of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’

We strongly suggest all drivers stay away from part worn tyres. They have come off another car for a reason. According to a study by the BBC & Tyresafe.org, 98% of part worn tyres sold to drivers are in an illegal. Whether it’s the commute, school run or a weekend drive... have confidence your tyres will help keep you safe on our roads.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment/tracking also plays a big part in tyre safety. If it’s incorrect it can make tyres wear down on one side. This means you will be paying to replace them sooner rather than later. Wheel alignment is super important!

Tyre Safety Month

October is Tyre Safety Month. You should find a lot of info on how to help keep your tyres in a healthy state around this time. Especially as we head into Winter – It’s important that your tyres are healthy and legal. Motokiki offer members of the public free health checks in October but provide free help and advice all year around.

Motokiki is always here should you have a problem with your car tyres. If you need new tyres, you can easily search and compare hundreds of tyres and just select a fitter local to you.