Are your tyres ready for Winter 2019?

By Tom Bentley
on October 1, 2019 3:16:18 PM BST

Are your tyres ready for Winter 2019?

By Tom Bentley
on October 1, 2019 3:16:18 PM BST

As we creep into the colder months in the UK, you want to make sure that your tyres are suitable and safe to use on the roads.

If you're not sure what the differences are between summer and winter tyres, roll on over to our dedicated pages in the 'Guides and advice' section for more information.

Chilling statistics

3/4 of Drivers take life-threatening risks in cold conditions.*

Did you know that your breaking distance increases between 2-10 times (compared to driving in dry conditions) when driving on wet or icy roads?

In 2014, figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) highlighted that snow or ice on the road surface were the cause of:

  • 29 deaths
  • 251 serious injuries
  • 2,274 slight injuries

With around 65% of UK motorists having an accident or experienced issues driving in wintry weather, the importance of ensuring you have the right tyres on your car for the conditions is paramount.

The most common causes of accidents in the colder months are:

  • 44% - Ice on the road
  • 31% - Poor visibility
  • 14% - Lack of tyre grip/Skidding

Drivers should always take extra care throughout winter and also check that your insurance policy includes breakdown assistance. No one wants to get caught out during the coldest time of the year.

Winter Tyre Checks

Changing harder summer tyres to softer winter tyres can help when driving in wet weather as softer rubber has more traction in poor weather conditions.

Make sure you check the health of your tyres regularly throughout the winter by ensuring they meet the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm.  The AA recommends 3mm for winter driving as good tyre grip can improve steering, reduce braking distance and cut the risk of aquaplaning.

Know before you go

With most cars in the UK having DAB radios installed, you can keep updated on the latest weather and driving conditions in your local areas.

Planning a journey that covers a long distance? You can use the range of government resources below to check each location and keep up to date throughout your trip:

Northern Ireland:

Start comparing the right winter tyres for you

As the temperatures drop throughout October, make sure you're road ready with a new set of Winter tyres.

All you need is your vehicle registration number and postcode to start comparing winter tyre prices , that can be fitted locally or delivered to you!


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