Decode tyre terminology with Motokiki


Decode tyre terminology with Motokiki

Glossary of Tyre Terms

Air Tyre Pressure

This is the amount of air in the tyre. It can be measured in either PSI (pounds per square inch) or Bar (units).

Wheel Alignment

The process which ensures that the wheels, suspension and steering are conforming with the manufacturer's specifications.


This is when, instead of driving on the road, the vehicle rides on the water surface, resulting loss of control over the vehicle.

Tyre Aspect Ratio

This can also be known as the profile. It is a way of expressing a tyres height, as a percentage of its width. This is found on the sidewall of the tyre.

Tyre Balancing

This is the process to ensure when the tyre and the wheel spin, the weight is distributed.

Bar Pressure Unit

The metric unit for the air pressure .

Tyre Bead

This is a ring of steel to help hold the tyre to the rim.

Tyre Casing

This is the skeleton of the tyre underneath the tread and sidewalls.

Cold Inflation Pressure

This is the pressure of the tyre, before the tyre has heated up from driving.

Contact Patch

This is the area of the tyre which comes in contact with the road.


This is the part of the tyre which comes into contact with the road surface.

Tyre Inner Liner

The inner linear prevents air from slipping out of the tyre. This can be used when tubes are not.

Load Index

This is a code located on the tyres sidewall which measure the maximum weight a tyre can carry at the speed indicated.

Tyre Profile

Also known as the aspect ratio, this indicates the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width.


This is where the tyre has been recycled and remoulded using a new tyre tread.


This is where the entire tyre's tread is replaced and re used .

Tyre Rim

This is the side of the wheel where the bead (steel) is situated.

Rolling Resistance

This is the energy used to keep the tyre moving at a constant speed.

Run Flats

Run flats are a type of tyre designed for short distances when they have little or no air pressure.

Section Height

This is the measurement between the wheel rim to the outside tread of the tyre.

Tyre Shoulder

This is the section of the tyre where the sidewall and tread meet.

Side Wall

The part of the tyre between the edge of the tread and the bead (steel).

Tyres Silica

This is a rubber compound which has been designed to help reduce rolling resistance.


These are slits in the tread which have been designed to improve grip in wet conditions on the road.

Tyre Traction

The friction between the wheel and the driving surface.

Tyre Tread

This is the front section of the tyre. Tyre tread comes into contact with the driving surface.

Tyre Underinflation

This is when a tyre needs more air pressure applied.

Tyre Valve

This is a rubber tube with a metal cap, which allows air to enter, but not leave the tyre.

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