Vehicle Tracking

Don’t let thieves get away with it!

Vehicle Tracking

Don’t let thieves get away with it!

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A car is more than just convenient transport, so having it stolen can be a nightmare, causing unnecessary stress and expense. We all think this is an issue which will not affect us, but as criminals are getting smarter and tech-savvy, the odds are against us.

Vehicles are sometimes 'stolen to order', taken for vehicle parts or simply to resell to unsuspecting buyers. In such an unfortunate event, you want to be sure your tracking system gives you the best chance of getting it back fast.

TRACKER products can provide the best chance of recovery thanks to our unique VHF technology.

Why VHF is the superior tracking technology when it comes to combating vehicle theft

TRACKER implements this unique VHF location technology in all tracking units to address the problem of signal jamming that can affect GPS and GSM only systems. VHF technology also aids the location of concealed vehicles and is effective at finding vehicles even if they are hidden in shipping containers, lock-ups or underground car parks, where GPS only tracking can struggle.


  • Only tracking system operated by all UK police forces
  • Trusted for over 25 years
  • All products accredited by Thatcham
  • GPS/GSM anti-jamming measures
  • To date we have recovered over £541 million worth of stolen vehicles

Don’t take the risk, protect your vehicle in the event of theft.

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